Fall away.

The daily Christian life is a cycle of coming and going. Leaving and returning. Now I’m here, now I’m not. Now I love God, now I don’t. Now I surrender, now I won’t.

(How does God put up with this?)

Consistency, commitment, conviction. Problem, problem, problem.

I’ve tried regular exercise of the “spiritual disciplines”, as well as accountability groups, retreats, sermons, seminars, self-authored contracts, conferences, CDs, and many, many books purchased at my local Christian bookstore.

Still, good intentions erode, passion fades, will-power expires. (And it’s only 10 a.m.)

And then Christianity feels like an everlasting climb up a descending escalator—tiring, tedious, and unconvincing. Instead of turning up my iPod and putting one foot in front of the other like a “strong Christian”, I let my feet hit the floor. (I guess I’m not a strong Christian.)

And it is here I realize just what kind of God I need. I need the God who possesses more consistency, commitment, and conviction than I do. I need the God who will fall away from heaven and descend to me. I need the God who will keep coming and coming, even though I keep leaving.

Falling away is a daily phenomenon. But so is redemption.

Author: Brenda Jung

I'm a mom of three (ages 12, 10, 9) who loves to read, write, speak, and teach. I'm always thinking about the Gospel and its implications for our lives. For the past seven years, I have served as Director of Children's Ministry for my church in Chino, CA. Currently, I'm working on a book called "This Little Life: Glorifying God with Smaller Dreams" and challenging myself to "practice in public" by sharing my ideas with you. I hope you'll be blessed! Every blessing, Brenda

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